For A Thousand Beers - Deluxe CD Box Set

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Release: 25.02.2022
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Release Date Feb 25, 2022
Genre Thrash Metal
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Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Collectors Box
Number 8


"For A Thousand Beers" contains all TANKARD albums which were released by Noise.

Tankard was founded in 1982 and is a German thrash metal band from Frankfurt am Main. Along with Kreator, Destruction and Sodom, they are one of the "Big Four" of German thrash metal. Stylistically at home in thrash metal, their songs are mainly about alcohol. With "Zombie Attack" they released their first album in July 1986. A year later, in October 1987, followed their second album, "Chemical Invasion" and in 1988 "The Morning After". After the first drummer, Oliver Werner, left the band and was replaced by Arnulf Tunn, the three albums were released: "The Meaning of Life", "Stone Cold Sober" and "Two-Faced". At the same time Tankard released the live album: "Fat, Ugly and Live". After that the line up of the band changed again. In May 1994 Arnulf Tunn was replaced by Olaf Zissel, who still plays the drums today. One year later another founding member, Axel Katzmann, was forced to leave the band due to arthritis in his wrist. In the same year the band released "The Tankard", which was their last album with Noise.


CD 1:
Zombie Attack

CD 2:
Chemical Invasion

CD 3:
The Morning After (Including Alien EP)

CD 4:
The Meaning Of Life

CD 5:
Stone Cold Sober

CD 6:

CD 7:
The Tankard (Including Tankwart EP)

Fat, Ugly & Live - DVD (Containing ‘Open All Night – Live In East Berlin’ plus a previously unreleased video concert from Eindhoven ‘87 and an audio concert from Frankfurt ’87. Also includes the  album Fat, Ugly & Live.)