Gods Of Debauchery - CD

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Release: 10.09.2021
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Release Date Sep 10, 2021
Genre Symphonic Metal
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Third album of the US Symphonic Metal band around Adrienne Cowan, who belongs to the AVANTASIA live line-up and is also active with WINDS OF PLAGUE and Sascha Paeth's MATERS OF CEREMONY.

Part bittersweet melodic metal anthems, part apocalyptic melodic death and black metal and part romantic classical poets, they are storytellers who draw from the traditional spectrum of metal and beyond to weave tragedies of demons, death, love and the peculiarities of the human condition . After their critically acclaimed second album "Emerald Seas", Seven Spiers will return with their third and by far most ambitious album "Gods Of Debauchery".

"This God Is Dead" features former KAMELOT vocalist Roy Khan as guest singer.

Fan of Nightwish, Kamelot will get their money's worth



1. Wanderer’s Prayer
2. Gods of Debauchery
3. The Cursed Muse
4. Ghost of Yesterday
5. Lightbringer
6. Echoes of Eternity
7. Shadow on an Endless Sea
8. Dare to Live
9. In Sickness, in Health
10. This God Is Dead
11. Oceans of Time
12. The Unforgotten Name
13. Gods Amongst Men
14. Dreamchaser
15. Through Lifetimes
16. Fall with Me