Greatest Hits Vol. 2 - The Better Noise Years - CD

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Release: 19.03.2021
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Release Date Mar 19, 2021
Genre Alternative Metal, Nu Metal
Packaging Jewelcase
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Greatest Hits Vol.2- The Better Noise Years features 21 tracks and comprises 12 of the top 10 hits from 2010-2019. The Album consists of various songs from the five albums that were created with Better Noise Music including: Time for Annihilation.On The Record & On The Road, The Connection, F.E.A.R, Crooked Teeth, and finally Who Do You Trust?

The CD features seven songs that are either remixed, acoustic and one that has a feature. Celebrate Papa Roach's success!


1. Born For Greatness (Remastered)
2. Help (Remastered
3. Elevate (Remastered)
4. Come Around (Remastered)
5. Broken As Me (Ft. Danny Worsnop)
6. Falling Apart (Remastered)
7. Who Do You Trust? (Remastered)
8. Gravity (Remastered)
9. American Dreams (Remastered)
10. Face Everything And Rise (Remastered)
11. Periscope (Ft. Skylar Grey) (Remastered)
12. Still Swingin (Remastered)
13. The Ending (Remastered) [The Retaliators]
14. Burn (Remastered)
15. Kick In The Teeth (Remastered)
16. Elevate (Dr. Cool & Babe Remix)
17. Help (Dr. Cool & Babe Remix)
18. Born For Greatness (Cymek Remix)
19. Top Of The World (Dr. Cool & Babe Remix)
20. Face Everything And Rise (Acoustic)
21. Leader Of The Broken Hearts (Acoustic)