Conundrum - ORANGE LP Gatefold

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Conundrum - ORANGE LP Gatefold

Art: LP
Art. Nr.: 60638
Release: 20.03.2020

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Genre: Rock

Color: Orange

Edition: Limited Edition

Packaging: Gatefold Cover



Strictly Limited Napalm Records Mailorder Edition to 300 copies in ORANGE Vinyl in Gatefold Cover

A sonic maze of reincarnation indulges your mind

"Two years after the release of their highly esteemed album, Exerpts From A Future Past, Swedish Adventure Rock quintet HÄLLAS sprinkle some magic dust with Conundrum, the final installment of their mysterious trilogy.

Dark retro rock with a dash of mystery successfully invites its listeners for a cosmic ride through a parallel world. Somewhere between the open spaces of hidden soundscapes and straight-up 70’s rock riffs, the sonic maze of Conundrum draws you out of the everyday life. HÄLLAS evokes a bizarre world that reveals a magnificent reincarnation of progressive art rock, psychedelic and folk in its most authentic way.

The opening track “Ascencion” beguiles with rising atmospheric synth spheres and leads its listener directly to the clutches of “Beyond Night And Day”. Strong 70’s rock vibes merging with psychedelic sounds simultaneously reflects the soundscape of the track and Conundrum itself. Heavy rock riffs enhanced with synthesizer melodies and carefully refined progressive licks define “Tear Of A Traitor”. Followed by the hymn “Carry On”, these overwhelming songs truly highlight the album.
Once you start listening, Conundrum floods your senses, ingests your mind and draws you deep into a psychedelic sonic adventure rock labyrinth from which you cannot escape."          


SIDE A    
1    Ascension
2    Beyond Night And Day
3    Strider
4    Tear Of A Traitor
5    Carry On
SIDE B    
6    Labyrinth Of Distant Echoes
7    Blinded By The Emerald Mist
8    Fading Hero