Death of the Cosmic - BLACK 12" EP

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Death of the Cosmic - BLACK 12" EP

Art: LP
Art. Nr.: 63118
Release: 28.08.2020

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Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Color: Black

Packaging: Gatefold


BLACK 12" Mini EP

HINAYANA –the multifaceted tension between melodic and death

Melodic death metal upstarts HINAYANA bring the flaming Texas heat on their upcoming EP, Death of the Cosmic. Following their 2018 debut full-length, Order Divine, the new EP is poised to showcase another facet of their Death/Doom symbiosis.
Each of the five tracks presents another shade of the band’s sophisticated arrangements: from doom-propelled cascades to rapid riffing and melodic guitar-lines, Death of the Cosmic draws its listener into HINAYANA’s sturdy strains of modern metal. The opening track, " Death of the Cosmic”, kicks off with an ambient-feeling blending into HINAYANA’s universe, led by Casey Hurd’s murmuring vocals, rising to the full extent of his deep, menacing growls. " Cold Conception“, featuring late Tengger Cavalrys frontman Nature Ganganbaigal, convinces with harsh growls and reveals another aspect of HINAYANA’s instrumental intensity. " In Sacred Delusion”, which features a guest appearance from Toni Toivonen (Hanging Garden from Finland), showcases a heightened force of musical refinement.
Death of the Cosmic closes with the epilogue " Pitch Black Noise" and not only proves HINAYANA's identifiable auditory trademark of melding accumulating tranquility and thunderous intensity, but also underlines the existential depth of their lyrics.


Side A:
1. Death of the Cosmic
2. Cold Conception ( ft. Nature Ganganbaigal ) 
3. Yet Here I Wait Forever

Side B:
4. In Sacred Delusion ( ft. Toni Toivonen ) 
5. Pitch Black Noise