Into The Mirror Black - BLACK 3-Vinyl

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Release: 09.10.2020
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Release Date Oct 9, 2020
Genre Heavy Metal
Color Black
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Remastered
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 3


Black trippled vinyl including LP-booklet.

The luxurious 30th Anniversary Edition of one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all times:
“Into The Mirror Black” by Seattle legend SANCTUARY

Massive triple LP and 2CD set incl. remastered studio album, 3 previously unreleased studio pre-production demos and an entire 10 track live album, recorded back in 1990 and only released in parts on the “Black Reflections” EP. A historical, great sounding capture of SANCTUARY in their prime!

Remastered and live recordings mixed & mastered by Zeuss (Iced Earth, Queensryche)

Also includes detailed booklet with rare and previously unpublished photos as well as liner notes by Lenny Rutledge and Jim Sheppard


LP 1:
1. Future Tense
2. Taste Revenge
3. Long Since Dark
4. Epitaph
5. Eden Lies Obscured
6. The Mirror Black
7. Seasons of Destruction
8. One More Murder
9. Communion

LP 2:
Star Track Studio Session 1989 with Howard Benson
1. Future Tense (Demo 1989)
2. I Am Insane (Demo 1989)
3. Mirror Black (Demo 1989)
Black Reflections Revisited, Live at The Country Club, Reseda, May 12th, 1990
4. Eden Lies Obscured (Live 1990)
5. Seasons of Destruction (Live 1990)
6. Die For My Sins (Live 1990)
7. Future Tense (Live 1990)

LP 3:
Black Reflections Revisited, Live at The Country Club, Reseda, May 12th, 1990
1. White Rabbit (Live 1990)
2. Taste Revenge (Live 1990)
3. Long Since Dark (Live 1990)
4. Sanctuary (Live 1990)
5. One More Murder (Live 1990)
6. Battle Angels (Live 1990)