Kaos Nekros Kosmos - CD

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Release: 11.09.2020
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Release Date Sep 11, 2020
Genre Goregrind, Grindcore
Packaging Jewelcase
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CD edition, released by Rotten Roll Rex (SPASM, GUTALAX)

You have to experience it - the new album by Germany's not the very best - Kadaverficker - with the title "Kaos Nekros Kosmos".

After the foundation in 1993 Kadaverficker released several demos, Split 7", CDs the LP version of their fourth album is now actually released on Supreme Chaos Records.

Get ready for a wild journey into the depths of Nekrokore, which wildly mixes Death Metal, Black Metal, Punk, Grindcore and even Rock 'n Roll.


1. Moonstoned (Nekrologue)
2. Warfare in Sects
3. I Put a Smell on You
4. Bier sind dein Gott
5. Zombiepunks
6. Adrenochrome Orgy
7. Black Smell of Death
8. Only Furzen Is Real
9. Once We Were Wolves
10. Nekrology and Lust
11. Because I Got High
12. Menschenschrott (Interlude)
13. Deus Ex Sathanas
14. Call of Duty Free
15. Kvlt of Yor
16. I Wanna Be an Attack Helicopter
17. Bambi Bar
18. Nekromunity
19. Incident on Nekros IV
20. Kaos Nekros Kosmos (A Nekrokore Symphony in Three Acts)