Killing Music / SILVER LP Gatefold + CD

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Killing Music / SILVER LP Gatefold + CD

Art: LP + CD
Art. Nr.: 54345
Release: 25.01.2019

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Genre: Dark Metal

Color: Black

Edition: Re-Release

Packaging: Gatefold Cover

Short description

The 25th january is a celebreation day for all vinyl freak out there.

Nuclear Blast will be rereleasing some classic albums on vinyl, to celebrate the 10th and 20th anniversary:

- BENEDICTION - Killing Music (2008)

- BENEDICTION - Grind Bastard (1998)

- DEATH ANGEL - Killing Season (2008)

- DIMMU BORGIR - Godless Savage Garden (1998)

- TESTAMENT - The Formation Of Damnation (2008)

- THERION - Vovin (1998)

All albums have a gatefold cover, also including the album on CD, and are available as a black vinyl and silver vinyl (limited to 300 copies) version.


1. Intro
2. The Grey Man
3. Controlopolis (Rats in the Mask)
4. Killing Music
5. They Must Die Screaming
6. Dripping with Disgust
7. Wrath and Regret
8. As Her Skin Weeps
9. Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant
10. Immaculate Facade
11. Burying the Hatchet
12. Beg, You Dogs
13. Seeing Through My Eyes (Broken Bones cover)
14. Largactyl (Amebix cover)