Leblos Mediabook 2-CD

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Release: 19.06.2020
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Release Date Jun 19, 2020
Genre Dark Metal
Packaging Mediabook
Number 2


The limited first edition comes in a noble mediabook incl. "Die räudigen Rennsteigrebellen" bonus CD

2020 is a special year for the cult formation from Thuringia: Eisregen celebrates the 25th anniversary of the band - and the extreme metal legend celebrates this with their 14th studio album "Leblos", which is clearly one of their best works!

Already the direct predecessor "Purgatory" (number 17 in the German Media Control Charts) was very well received by fans and press alike.

"Leblos" continues this seamlessly and mercilessly delivers what is expected from the Thuringians: Radical sound art and morbid lyrics in perfection!

"Leblos" shows the two band-heads M. Roth (all vocals/lyrics) and Yantit (drums/guitars/composition) in top form - the hit potential is enormous and songs like "Pechschwarz", "1000 Jahre Nacht", "Mutter schneidet" or "Mein Leichenwerk" should bring a mischievous grin to the face of every Eisregen listener.

With "Drauß' vom Häuten komm' ich her" the screws of the morbid are even tightened a little bit more.

The title song "Leblos" can then also be enjoyed as a music video on YouTube.

"Leblos" was recorded in Yantit's HcN-Studio and mixed and mastered in Klangschmiede E by longtime sidekick and sound engineer Markus Stock, who also took over the bass parts and lead guitars again.

Like on "Purgatory" the coverartwork is done by svartir andar graphix.

But that's not all: Since the main work is dark and grim-serious, we're giving away a bonus CD with 4 drinking and party songs for free to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band!

M. Roth & Yantit have founded the instant cult project "Räudige Rennsteig Rebellen" especially for this! With popular songs like "Deutsches Bierlied" and "Grünes Herz" you can drink a toast to the next years! The CD is included as a bonus of the Mediabook edition of the album and will also be available separately as a strictly limited 7" vinyl EP.

Also live-technically it will be a great year for all Eisregen fans: Although unfortunately the planned festival appearances fell victim to the ban on events, the gentlemen will be on their headliner tour in the clubs of the republic from September on, where they are looking forward to a special anniversary set with new and many old classics.

An exciting year for all ice rain fans!

And as you know M. Roth & Yantit, the work on the planned successor "Scharfschütze" will certainly be resumed soon... Death remains a master from Thuringia!


CD 1:
01. Ruhet sanft
02. Pechschwarz
03. Erstschlag
04. 1000 Jahre Nacht
05. Leblos
06. Schlachtraum
07. Atme Asche
08. Mein Leichenwerk
09. Wangenrot
10. Mutter schneidet
11. Drauß' vom Häuten komm' ich her

CD 2:
Die Räudigen Rennsteigrebellen
01. Deutsches Bierlied
02. Grünes Herz
03. Wenn es draußen dunkel wird
04. Zeit zu Saufen