Live Bites | BLACK 2-LP

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Release: 25.10.2019
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Release Date Oct 25, 2019
Genre Rock
Color Black
Edition Re-Release
Number 2


Live Bites consists of recordings of live shows that the Scorpions made between 1988 and 1994 in Leningrad, San Francisco, Mexico City, Berlin and Munich played and was the third live album of the Band. The new double vinyl version (180g) comes with the original artwork and has only been available in Greece available on vinyl.


LP 1

1. Tease Me Please Me (Live)
2. Is There Anybody There? (Live)
3. Rhythm Of Love (Album Version)
4. In Trance (Live)
5. No Pain No Gain (Live)
6. When The Smoke Is Going Down (Live)
7. Ave Maria No Morro (Live Version)
8. Living For Tomorrow (Live)

LP 2

1. Concerto In V (Live)
2. Alien Nation (Live)
3. Hit Between The Eyes (Live In Berlin)
4. Crazy World (Live)
5. Wind Of Change (Live In Munich)
6. Heroes Don't Cry (Album Version)
7. White Dove (Studio Track)