Lupus Dei BLACK LP

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Release: 11.08.2017
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Release Date Aug 11, 2017
Genre Heavy Metal
Color Black
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400g cover, 250g insert and a big poster!

Second album by Powerwolf.

Great follow - up to "Return in bloodred".
Some of the recordings were done in an undisclosed chapel from the 12th century, and to add even more sacral elements you can experience on "In blood we trust" and the title - track the power of a 30 - members - choir.

A Must - Have.


1. Lupus Daemonis (Intro) 1:17
2. We Take It From The Living 4:03
3. Prayer In The Dark 4:20
4. Saturday Satan 5:18
5. In Blood We Trust 3:02
6. Behind The Leathermask 4:35
7. Vampires Don't Die 3:08
8. When The Moon Shines Red 4:25
9. Mother Mary Is A Bird Of Prey 3:16
10. Tiger Of Sabrod 3:53
11. Lupus Dei 6:10