Metal Massacre Vol I (40th Anniversary) - RED Vinyl

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Release: 22.04.2022
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Release Date Apr 22, 2022
Genre Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Color Red
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
Packaging tba
Number 1


The legendary sampler series "Metal Massabre" celebrates its anniversary.

The first part of the series with bands like CIRITH UNGOL, METALLICA, RATT, STEEL and many more is released as a limited "40th Anniversary" edition as a red LP limited to


Side A:
01 STEELER - Cold Day In Hell
02 BITCH - Live For The Whip
03 MALICE - Captive Of Light
04 RATT - Tell The World
05 AVATAR - Octave

Side B:
06 BLACK ‘N BLUE - Chains Around Heaven
07 CIRITH UNGOL - Death Of The Sun
08 DEMON FLIGHT - Dead Of The Night
09 PANDEMONIUM - Fighting Backwards
10 MALICE - Kick You Down
11 METALLICA - Hit The Lights