Muscle Bound For Glory - Digipak CD

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Release: 25.02.2022
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Release Date Feb 25, 2022
Genre Melodic Death Metal
Packaging Digipak
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The Grailknights are back with their sixth studio album 'MUSCLE BOUND FOR GLORY'!
12 tracks promise superherometal of the extra class. On their album the Knights bring powerful power metal combined with energetic retro synths, epic choirs and cinematic sound forces to the ears. Music that provides massive muscle building, completely without steroids. Vocal support is provided by none other than Thomas Laszlo Winkler, former frontman of the power metal band Gloryhammer, and Ben Metzner, frontman of the medieval rock band Feuerschwanz. If you don't want to miss this muscular metal workout, you can't avoid to put 'Muscle Bound for Glory' on your turntable and go live with the Grailknights on the search for the holy grail.


1. Muscle Bound for Glory
2. 40509
3. Turbo Boost
4. Legions of Heroes
5. Cybone One
6. Lights
7. Pinball Death Machine
8. POWAA!!!
9. Gojira
10. Skyward Thunder Punch
11. Fall of a Kingdom
12. The Holy Grail