After The Storm + Calling The Rain 2 CD Boxset

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Release: 03.09.2010
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Release Date Sep 3, 2010
Genre Gothic Metal
Edition Deluxe Edition
Packaging Boxset


Strictly Limited to 1000.
Boxset with Both Digipak Albums.

ATROCITY, one of Germany's most successful metal bands, is one of the most experimental and diverse musical acts in the history of metal.

They have always found the courage to explore uncharted territories, while delivering top-notch productions.
One such production was their previous full-length release, "Werk 80 II", which entered the top 20 of the German Media Control Charts.
Looking further back into the past, the metal chameleons forged an alliance with vocalist Yasmin.
It came as no surprise, as the band had already worked with A-list vocalists in the early Nineties.
The result of this cooperation was the EP "Calling the Rain"- a pioneering work at that time.
The songs were a perfect blend of ethnic elements, world music, and metal.
Up to this point, this was an unimaginable mix of atmospheric, yet gripping musical diversity.

The latest ATROCITY FEAT. YASMIN album "After the Storm" does not simply reiterate the sounds of the past,
but rather elevates the songwriting and production to an entire new level.
All instruments were performed live and the ample amount of percussion allows for a tapestry of complementary rhythms.
The driving and tribal-like beats are the foundation of ATROCITY's music, making way for the intensity and fascination that follows.
The string instruments and vocals harmonize perfectly with both the mood of the individual songs and the music as a whole.
Besides wonderful atmospheric songs such as the title track "After the Storm" or the emotive "Silvan Spirit", true rock songs like "Black Mountain"
or the anthem "Transilvania" divulge a completely new side to the metal band.
With "A New Arrival", "As the Sun Kissed the Sky", or the music-turned-Celtic-legend "The Otherworld", ATROCITY, together with the exotic vocals of Yasmin,
holds the audience captive in their mythic world.


After The Storm

1. A New Arrival 
2. Call of Yesteryear 
3. After the Storm 
4. Silvan Spirit 
5. Black Mountain 
6. As the Sun Kissed The Sky 
7. Transilvania 
8. The Flight of Abbas Ibn Firnas 
9. Goddess of Fortune and Sorrow
10. The Otherworld 
11. Eternal Nightside

Calling The Rain

1. Calling The Rain (Video-Edit) 
2. Back From Eternity
3. Departure
4. Land Beyond The Forest (New Version) 
5. Migrant`s Shade 
6. Die Geburt eines Baumes 
7. Calling The Rain (Remix) 
8. Ancient Sadness 
9. Desert Land (Bonus Track)