All Hail The Dead CD

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Release: 04.05.2015
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Release Date May 4, 2015
Genre Metalcore


All Hail The Dead is WALLS OF JERICHO's strongest release to date, a culmination of honest growth and experience – a combination of ferocity, maturity, heartfelt emotion, technical brilliance, and above all a desire to communicate something substantial, honest and positive to their devoted fans in the midst of a music scene encumbered by vanity and fake corporate music concoctions disguised as underground music with supposed street credibility. All Hail The Dead, recorded at guitarist/recording engineer Mike Hasty's Cloud City recording studio in Detroit, MI, was also a culmination of the band's desire to bring their music to the level that fit their new found fervor and intensified direction. Along with the addition of drummer Alexi Rodriguez (formerly of Catharsis), each member of the band has found what has made WALLS OF JERICHO a leading force in the underground music scene – commitment to, and a unity with the family of hardcore, evidenced by the devotion and sing-along intensity dis-played by their loyal fans at venues around the world. See them play, and become part of the hardcore family's cathartic release



01. All Hail The Dead
02. There's No I In Fuck You
03. A Little Piece Of Me
04. Another Anthem For The Hopeless
05. Revival Never Goes Out Of Style
06. Day And A Thousand Years
07. Through The Eyes Of A Dreamer
08. 1:43 AM
09. Jaded
10. Thanks For The Memories
11. More Life In The Monitors
12. Fixing Broken Hearts
13. To Be Continued...