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Release: 14.05.2021
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Release Date May 14, 2021
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Packaging Artbook
Number 4


Artbook (28 * 28 cm with 48 page booklet) limited to 500 copies including 3 CDs and a bonus DVD.

After the debut album "Dar De Duh" was a complete success and was highly praised by fans and press, the fans of the Romanian folk/black metal band DORDEDUH had to wait 9 years for the successor, which will finally be released in 2021.

"Har" is the title of the work, which not only turns to black metal mixed with dark folk. The guitarists and founders Edmond "Hupogrammos" Karban and Sol Faur aka Cristian Popescu have also incorporated elements of electronic, gothic, rock, psychedelic and prog.

The first single "Desferecat" is the first impression you get of "Har" ... and you immediately want more !!!


Har Album:
1. Timpul întâilor
2. În vieliștea uitării
3. Descânt
4. Calea magilor
5. Vraci de nord
6. Desferecat
7. De neam vergur
8. Văznesit

Bonus CD 1:
1. Vraci de nord (extended)
2. Nord

Bonus CD 2 + DVD:
1. Zuh (live)
2. De neam vergur (live)
3. Cunoașterea tăcută (live)
4. Pândarul (live)
5. Norilor (live)
6. Cel din urmă vis (live)
7. Jind de tronuri (live)