King Is Rising - CD

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Release: 18.11.2016
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Release Date Nov 18, 2016
Genre Royal Metal
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


Recorded at Powerwolf's Studio Greywolf, King Is Rising is once again packed with the truest heavy metal in this and all possible other worlds. It is heavy metal in the tradition of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, crossed with the German power metal of Hammer King's peers.

King Is Rising contains 12 metal anthems literally made for live performances with a nod towards faster paced songs compared to debut album Kingdom Of The Hammer King. Thematically, the second chapter of Hammer King's saga pertains to war and revolt, while the King's battle stories drastically bespeak today's global crises.

For the album's artwork the band decided to again partner with brilliant German artist Timo Würz, and the result speaks for itself. Timo is the kind of artist who guarantees quality in every aspect of his job.

Hammer King consists of former Ross The Boss vocalist Titan Fox, former Salatio Mortis’ drummer Dolph A. Macallan rounded out by K.K. Basement on bass and Gino Wilde on guitars.


01. King Is Rising
02. Last Hellriders
03. For God And The King
04. Warrior’s Reign
05. Reichshammer
06. Kingbrother
07. Battle Gorse
08. Kill The Messenger
09. The Hammer Is The King
10. Viva ‘La King
11. Battalions of War
12. Eternal Tower Of Woe