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Release: 29.10.2021
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Release Date Oct 29, 2021
Genre Deutschrock
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Boxset
Number 1


Goitzsche Front break boundaries, risk more than ever before. The result is a quarter carat, 25 carats of pure goldPackaged in a unique, strictly limited, illuminated LED box, the "old" Ostgold anthems shine in new splendor.
Content LED Box (ltd. on 1100 pieces):
- Ltd. digipak incl. gold CD
- Money clip incl. banknotes
- enamel mug
- poster
- deck of cards

That the guys from Bitterfeld provide surprises every now and then is not new. That they cross borders and also dare the one or other experiment also not.
And yet this album surprises more than you might expect.
It is a musical journey, all OSTGOLD hymns have been reinterpreted and shine in a new guise.
No, it is not an unplugged or acoustic album, it is a renewed musical experiment.
OSTGOLD - 25 Karat combines different styles and genres like no album before.
It surprises, makes you pause and tempts you to pogo and celebrate in a very special way.



1. Intro
2. Wir sind aus Gold
3. Die Goitzsche brennt
4. Was bleibt (Rock-Version)
5. Meine kleine Welt
6. Spieglein, Spieglein
7. Schwarze Raben
8. Rucksack voller Bier
9. Ein ganz normaler Irrer
10 .Luther
11. Fahr zur Hölle
12. LMAE
13. Pfeffi (Pfeffiman feat. Goitzsche Front)
14. Große Lieder
15. Was bleibt – feat. Maschine (Klassik-Version)


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