Wolfskult - CD

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Release: 25.03.2011
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Release Date Mar 25, 2011
Genre Pagan Metal
Packaging Jewelcase


3rd Album from the German Pagan Metal Band. Viking Metal Band "VARG" (which comes from Swedish and Norwegian meaning "wolf") are able to look back on 5 years of glorious band history after their release of "Blutaar" in 2010. Numerous live gigs and festival appearances like on Legacy Fest, Metaldays, and Summer Night gave the band an excellent name in the scene. Now, in coming March 2011 the time is right to unleash their new album called "Wolfskult" via NoiseArt Records and the band has made two big steps forward, not only in regards to their songwriting skills, but also production and layout-wise as well as the professionalism of the band. VARG 2011 are one highly aggressive kill machine, ready to strike! The band is considered THE hope among the Viking/Pagan Metal scene! The record was once again produced by Andy Classesn (Legion Of The Damned, Belphegor, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter) at Stage One Studios and this time around, the sound of the CD just kills it! A furious mix and one massive production let songs like "Wolfskult" or "Wir sind die Wölfe" rage out of your speakers! A true massacre!


01. Jagd 
02. Wir sind die Wölfe
03. Schwertzeit
04. Wolfskult
05. Naglfar
06. Glorreiche Tage
07. Phönix
08. Blutdienst III
09. Sehnsucht
10. Blutsturm