Night Demon - SPLATTER Vinyl

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Release: 30.04.2021
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Release Date Apr 30, 2021
Genre Heavy Metal
Color Splattered
Edition Limited Edition
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Number 1


SPLATTER Vinyl limited to 300 copies.

The times of building up long-term careers in heavy metal are truly over. Remember, it took Iron Maiden five long years to issue their legendary debut album in 1980. The pace of modern days is surely faster...
Enter Night Demon from Ventura in California. Jarvis Leatherby (vocals, bass), Brent Woodward (guitar) and Patrick Bailey (drums) appeared on the scene in 2011. Now, three years later, they must be seen as one of the hottest new traditional Metal bands in the universe. When they appeared at “Keep It True” earlier this year, it was clear for all to see that there's no stopping them. As a result, the band instantly inked a deal with German SPV label.
Night Demon are wearing their influences on their sleeves. Being based in the US of A, their sound is very much inspired by the immortal New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (and the mighty Diamond Head in particular). Just listen to songs such as “Night Demon”, “The Chalice”, “Ancient Evil” or “Ritual” (mind you, they're not as evil-sounding as the song titles suggest...).
The first pressing of Night Demon's self-titled EP sold out in no time, so make sure to grab your copy of this fantastic re-issue. It's bound to become a precious collector's item in the not too distant future.
The EP has been expanded and features live versions of “Ritual” and “Radar Love” (by Golden Earring) as well as cover versions of “Axe Crazy” by Jaguar and “Lightning To The Nations” by Diamond Head, which are very much true to the original.


1. Night Demon
2. The Chalice
3. Ancient Evil
4. Ritual
5. Axe Crazy
6. Lightning to the Nations
7. Radar Love (First Live Gig)
8. Ritual (First Live Gig)