Nightmares Made Flesh | CD

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Release: 24.10.2008
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Release Date Oct 24, 2008
Genre Death Metal


Nightmares Made Flesh is the second album by Swedish death metal band Bloodbath. This is the only album to feature Peter Tägtgren, who was brought in to replace Mikael Åkerfeldt as the vocalist, as well as the first to feature Martin Axenrot to replace Dan Swanö as the drummer (with Swanö now playing guitar). This was Swanö's last album with Bloodbath.



1. "Cancer of the Soul" Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström, Jonas Renkse[2] 3:33

2. "Brave New Hell" Dan Swanö 4:02

3. "Soul Evisceration" Renkse 3:38

4. "Outnumbering the Day" Nyström 3:15

5. "Feeding the Undead" Renkse 4:04

6. "Eaten" Swanö 4:18

7. "Bastard Son of God" Renkse 2:51

8. "Year of the Cadaver Race" Nyström 4:33

9. "The Ascension" Swanö 3:51

10. "Draped in Disease" Nyström 3:59

11. "Stillborn Saviour" Swanö 3:39

12. "Blood Vortex" Renkse 3:30

13. "Breeding Death" (demo version, bonus track) Bloodbath 4:21

14. "Omnious Bloodvomit" (demo version, bonus track) Bloodbath 3:38