Ocean Machine - Live at the Ancient Roman Theatre / Digipak 3-CD + DVD

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Release: 06.07.2018
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Release Date Jul 6, 2018
Genre Prog Metal
Packaging Digipak


Appears as a special edition in the form of a triple CD & DVD combination in digipak.

On September 22, 2017, the Devin Townsend Project gave a very special concert in the ancient Roman Amphitheater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the milestone album "Ocean Machine" was performed in its full length, after the band first played a set that fans had previously chosen from Devin's full catalog. The latter was accompanied by the orchestra and choir of the State Opera Plovdiv. This concert was filmed and released under the name "Ocean Machine - Live at the Ancient Theater".
Devin comments, "Ocean Machine was released 20 years ago, and although Marty (Schlahgzeug) is no longer with us, I was able to perform the entire full-length album together with our former bass player John 'Squid' Harder live that night. On a cold evening in an old city in an ancient theater, many aspects of my life have been brought together and linked, and I am especially proud of the result. This is a very special live recording of a special evening, and I hope you understand and enjoy it as a tribute to the things that originally inspired it all. Love and Light, Devin Townsend "

Region Code DVD 0 (All)
Screen format DVD NTSC 16: 9 FH
Sound format DVD Dolby AC3 Stereo, Dolby AC3 5.1 Surround


Disc 1 (CD)

1.     Truth         
2.     Stormbending         
3.     Om         
4.     Failure         
5.     By Your Command         
6.     Gaia         
7.     Deadhead         

Disc 2 (CD)

1.     Canada         
2.     Bad Devil         
3.     Higher         
4.     A Simple Lullaby         
5.     Deep Peace         

Disc 3 (CD)

1.     Seventh Wave         
2.     Life         
3.     Night         
4.     Hide Nowhere         
5.     Sister         
6.     3 A.M.         
7.     Voices in the Fan         
8.     Greetings         
9.     Regulator         
10.     Funeral         
11.     Bastard         
12.     The Death of Music         
13.     Things Beyond Things       

Disc 4 (DVD)

1.     Truth         
2.     Stormbending         
3.     Om         
4.     Failure         
5.     By Your Command         
6.     Gaia         
7.     Deadhead         
8.     Canada         
9.     Bad Devil         
10.     Higher         
11.     A Simple Lullaby         
12.     Deep Peace         
13.     Seventh Wave         
14.     Life         
15.     Night         
16.     Hide Nowhere         
17.     Sister         
18.     3 A.M.         
19.     Voices in the Fan         
20.     Greetings         
21.     Regulator         
22.     Funeral         
23.     Bastard         
24.     The Death of Music         
25.     Things Beyond Things