Pilgrimage BLUE Vinyl

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Release: 21.08.2020
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Release Date Aug 21, 2020
Genre Heavy Metal
Color Blue
Edition Limited Edition, Remastered
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 1


Limited Blue Vinyl in Gatefold

Look forward to dramatic Metal with the unmistakable voice of Jutta Weinhold!

Zed Yago fans can look forward to: The band's second album will be released again - this time remastered by Alexander Krull (Mastersound Studio) and under the banner of VELVET VIPER!
In 1989 the journey continued with the daughter of the Flying Dutchman in search of the lost fantasy - because without fantasy the soul dies and without soul man dies.
She went on a pilgrimage, which soon ended.
The old rock 'n' roll epidemic selfishness brought about the tragic end of Zed Yago in 1990. Jutta Weinhold later founded VELVET VIPER - the rest is history.


01. Pilgrim's Choir
02. Pilgrimage
03. The Fear Of Death
04. Pioneer Of The Storm
05. Black Bone Song
06. Rose Of Martyrdom
07. The Man Who Stole The Holy Fire
08. Achilles Heel
09. The Pale Man
10. Omega Child
11. Fallen Angel
12. Merlin (Bonus Track)
13. HM Rebels (Bonus Track)
14. King Arthur (Bonus Track)
15. Ring Of Stone (Bonus Track)