Rammstein: Paris Blu-Ray

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Release: 19.05.2017
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Release Date May 19, 2017
Genre Industrial Metal
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The RAMMSTEIN: PARIS Blu-ray shows 128 minutes of concert experience, captured by Jonas Åkerlund, on 1 Blu-ray.

Making a concert by the band Rammstein on film is an extremely difficult task. To capture the enormous sound, the amount of visual impressions, the details and great gestures, so that cinema or television viewers can also feel the Rammstein experience: Whoever wants to create this must, on the one hand, convey the immediate proximity to the stage The third is the excitement of being there - and the music must sound brachial good. The documentary "RAMMSTEIN: PARIS" sets a new benchmark here, while the Swedish-born director Jonas Åkerlund shot in March 2012 at two acclaimed Rammstein concerts, which took place at the Palais Omnisports in Paris in front of 17,000 spectators. The film, which has resulted from it (with 16 songs from the entire repertoire) is not only the most spectacular picture document about the most successful German rock band - it is a masterpiece of the music cinema, the energy of Rammstein in a unique visual and sonic Experience.

Åkerlund is notorious for the radical, styling videos he made with bands like The Prodigy, Metallica, the Rolling Stones and also Rammstein. Through his music productions, irrutious details flicker, encapsulated perspectives, contrast shocks, sensual confusion - and in "RAMMSTEIN: PARIS" he celebrates this from minute one. 22 songs are playing Rammstein in the film, the scale ranges from "Do you want to see the bed in flames?", The first song from the very first record, to "Spring in Paris" from the last studio album "Liebe ist für alle da da". The film is not only the absolute highlight of the documentary work to date on this band, a medium that can be understood by many of its dimensions only at first. "RAMMSTEIN: PARIS" is one of the best rock concert films of all time. Absolument.

Length: approx. 128 minutes


1. Intro
2. Sonne
3. Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
4. Keine Lust
5. Sehnsucht
6. Asche Zu Asche
7. Feuer Frei!
8. Mutter
9. Mein Teil
10. Du Riechst So Gut
11. Links 2-3-4
12. Du Hast
13. Haifisch
14. Bück Dich
15. Mann Gegen Mann
16. Ohne Dich
17. Mein Herz Brennt
18. Amerika
19. Ich Will
20. Engel
21. Pussy
22. Frühling In Paris