Return To The Void / BLACK LP Gatefold

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Release: 14.07.2017
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Release Date Jul 14, 2017
Genre Black Metal
Color Black
Packaging Gatefold Cover


Unlike the previous two albums, Execration's new album, "Return to the Void", doesn't mark a dramatic stylistic shift.

The album was mixed and mastered by Tom Kvalsvoll of Kvalsonic Labs.

Thematically, the album takes off into outer space, the world of dreams, and philosophic musings on time and space.
The album's seven songs and two instrumental tracks are permeated with the mysteries of the universe, both in lyrical content and concept, and in the music itself.

This theme is further brought to life by the magnificent art of Zbigniew M. Bielak that adorns the front cover.


01. Eternal Recurrence
02. Hammers of Vulcan
03. Nekrocosm
04. Cephalic Transmissions
05. Blood Moon Eclipse
06. Unicursal Horrorscope
07. Through the Oculus
08. Return to the Void
09. Det Uransakelige Dyp