Baldur - CD

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Release: 29.07.2011
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Release Date Jul 29, 2011
Genre Folk Metal
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Viking Metal from Iceland. An Epic Journey Through Iceland's Mythic World. From the far north of Iceland, the Viking metal horde Skálmöld springs to life with a blistering first album. "Baldur" combines melodic and powerful songwriting with an epic and chilling tale of revenge. The concept album tells the dramatic turn of events of the Icelandic Viking, Baldur. The story begins in a time of peace when Baldur, a wealthy man, has just settled down. He has much land, a loving wife, and children. Yet disaster strikes, when a demon-like creature not of this world brutally attacks his peaceful existence. His home is in ruins and, worst of all, his family dead. Finding two of his men, Gunnar Jarl and Grímur, still alive, Baldur swears revenge. Fighting their way across the harsh Icelandic landscape, the three never lose sight of their goal-a final battle against their sworn enemy. But victory comes with a prize: a prize Baldur is more than willing to pay, even with his life.


01. Heima
02. Árás
03. Sorg
04. Upprisa
05. För
06. Draumur
07. Kvaðning
08. Hefnd
09. Dauđi
10. Valhöll
11. Baldur (Bonus Track)
12. Kvaðning - Edit ( Bonus Track)