Mastery / ORANGE 2-LP Gatefold

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Release: 13.01.2017
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Release Date Jan 13, 2017
Genre Heavy Metal
Color Black
Packaging Gatefold Cover


Limited to 300 orange double vinyls in a gatefold sleeve.

This year LANCER signed a new record deal with the renowned German metal label Nuclear Blast Records and in May 2016, LANCER started the recording process of their third album. The band entered Leon Music Studios once more with producer Gustav Ydenius. This time the band chose to let the world famous mastering engineer Miro (AVANTASIA, RHAPSODY, KAMELOT) of Gate Studio, Wolfsburg, master the album. Consequently, it has a different sound again. 

“We wanted to make this album sound as close as possible to how we sound live, and with that I mean no over-dubs, no keyboards and of course no cutting out every single note we play and putting it in “perfect” order. You can write bombastic and varied metal songs with just four instruments, it's all in the arrangements. That’s why our album has such a great organic feeling!” explains Isak

Thematically, the new record focus on fantasy topics, inspired by old tales, myths, as well as religion, for example from the ancient Egypt, the Hebrew and the Christian bible to Greek and Northern mythology. Furthermore, also science fiction and history play a major role - and in these stories everything always goes wrong. You can’t hold back the strife that ends up in catastrophe. But that’s just why this new creation is that exciting. 


1 - Dead Raising Towers 3:36
2 - Future Millennia 3:33
3 - Mastery 4:47
4 - Victims of the Nile 7:35
5 - Iscariot 5:17
6 - Follow Azrael 6:28
7 - Freedom Eaters 4:42
8 - World Unknown 3:53
9 - Widowmaker 4:29
10 - Envy of the Gods 7:32
11 - The Wolf and the Kraken 3:54