Voice Of Wilderness CD

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Release: 24.01.2005
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Release Date Jan 24, 2005
Genre Viking Metal
Packaging Jewelcase


Many of KORPIKLAANI’s songs come directly from the annals of the Finnish folk archives, but are activated with a fierce twist of metal.

This constitutes the major difference between KORPIKLAANI and other folk metal bands, which usually use folk music only as the impulse in metal.
KORPIKLAANI’s music is very Finnish and the band does not fear to be labeled “yokels“, living in the middle of the forest.
They prefer to draw inspiration from their surroundings,as they so skillfully did on their 2003 NAPALM RECS debut, “Spirit of the Forest”. 
The album presented an indisputable Folk Metal achievement.
Its musicality, varying from the mysteriously charming instrumental compositions to the "humppa" melodies
that immediately invite the listener to dance along and reflect the entire spectrum of the Finnish Folk Metal art.

Following the release of “Spirit of the Forest”, KORPIKLAANI  added a second guitarist, Cane, to the line-up. 
They began work on their follow up, “Voice of Wilderness” at the end of the 2004 summer.  

Recording under the guidance of Samu Oittinen (Fantom Studio), the band smoothly laid track for track.
With the recording of “Voice of Wilderness” complete and awaiting its 24 Jan 2005 release,
the members of KORPIKLAANI concentrated on finding a permanent accordion player. 
Juho joined the band in the fall of 2004 enabling them to more easily transfer the energetic melodies and Folk Metal atmosphere to the live stage.  


1. Cottages and Saunas
2. Journey Man
3. Fields in Flames
4. Pine Woods
5. Spirit of the Forest
6. Native Land
7. Hunting Song
8. Ryyppäjäiset
9. Beer Beer
10. Old Tale
11. Kädet siipinä