Sinister Slaughter - BLUE RED Split BLACK Splatter Vinyl

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Release: 14.04.2023
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Release Date Apr 14, 2023
Genre Death Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
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A Death Metal / Grindcore classic in a new guise:

The second MACABRE album "Sinister Slaughter" is released with new 2023 mastering as blue/red bi-colored LP with black splatter.


1. Night Stalker (Richard Ramirez)
2. The Ted Bundy Song (Ted Bundy)
3. Sniper in the Sky (Charles Whitman)
4. Montreal Massacre (Mark Lupine)
5. Zodiac (Identity Unknown)
6. What the Hell Did You Do? (James Edward Pough)
7. The Boston Strangler (Albert DeSalvo)
8. Mary Bell
9. Mary Bell (Reprise)
10. Killing Spree: Postal Killer (Patrick Sherril)
11. Is It Soup Yet? (Daniel Rakowitz)
12. White Hen Decapitator (Michael Bethke)
13. Howard Unrah: What Have You Done Now?! (Howard Unrah)
14. Gacy's Lot (John Wayne Gacy)
15. There Was a Young Man Who Blew Up a Plane (Jack Gilbert Graham)
16. Vampire of Düsseldorf (Peter Kurtin)
17. Shotgun Peterson (Christopher Peterson)
18. Whats That Smell? (Jeffery Dahmer)
19. Edmond Kemper Had a Horrible Temper (Edmond Kemper)
20. What the Heck Richard Speck?: Eight Nurses You Wrecked (Richard Speck)
21. Albert Was Worse than Any Fish in the Sea (Albert Fish)