Spirit Of The Forest BLACK 2-LP Gatefold

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Release: 28.02.2020
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Release Date Feb 28, 2020
Genre Folk Metal
Color Black
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 2


Black double vinyl in gatefold cover. Limited to 300 copies

The Finnish backwoods clan, KORPIKLAANI, released their debut, Spirit Of The Forest, back in 2003 when folk metal was still a new yet growing genre. The album was very successful in large part due to its pure danceability. Now, KORPIKLAANI is re-releasing this legendary record as re-mastered vinyl edition for the first time ever, including a bonus live track of “You Looked Into My Eyes / Wooden Pints”
Spirit Of The Forest starts off with “Wooden Pints” – a catchy folk song featuring impressive melodic lines led by the violin, that will immediately have you tapping your feet. Another strong selection, “God Of Wind” is a powerful up-tempo song with strong and heavy riffs. Jonne Järvelä’s deep voice roars with the roughness of Finnish winter nights while the accordion provides a smoothness like untouched snow.
Its guitar riffs set the perfect base for "Within Trees” — a great acoustic-inspired piece filled with beautiful, calm flute melodies. The atmosphere of this song transports you to a serene forest with nothing but the trees around you, breathing the fresh air, listening to the sound of nature.
Every song on this record is a mini-masterpiece carved from Finnish wood and crafted to warm your senses.


1. Wooden pints
2. Before the morning sun
3. God of wind
4. With trees
5. Pellonpekko
6. You looked into my eyes
7. Hullunhumppa
8. Man can go even through the grey stone
9. Pixies dance
10. Juokse sinä humma
11. Crows bring the spring
12. Hengettömiltä hengiltä
13. Shaman drum
14. Mother earth

Bonus Track:
15. You Looked Into My Eyes / Wooden Pints
Recorded on 02/03/19 in Porto (Wayfareres & Warrior Tour 2019)