The Ashes Of Light - WHITE Vinyl

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Release: 23.04.2021
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Release Date Apr 23, 2021
Color White
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LP repressing on white vinyl.

LUSTRE fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After a 3 year break Henrik Sunding a.k.a. Nachzeit is back and presents and with "The Ashes Of Light" in 2020 the new album.

Where LUSTRE is written on it, LUSTRE is also on it. Dark sound worlds, the desperate vocals, keyboard melodies that generate a dark and at the same time dreamy atmosphere.

In any case an Athmospheric Black Metal highlight MMXX, that much is for sur


1. Part 1 (Eyes Like Stars)
2. Part 2 (A Silent Tale)
3. Part 3 (Like Music in the Night)
4. Part 4 (The Empty Black)
5. Part 5 (The Ashes of Light)
6. Part 6 (Lamentation at Dawn