The Constellatory of Practice / Digipak CD

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Release: 04.05.2018
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Release Date May 4, 2018
Genre Black Metal
Packaging Digipak


Urfaust - The Constellatory Practice (digipack CD)

- digipack CD
- made of rough, solid-colored black cartonstock
- golden hotfoil embossing
- fold-out miniposter


With “The Constellatory Practise” URFAUST has returned once again to harvest souls in their vessel of transcending intoxication.
The Ouroborus is now coming full circle after “apparitions” and “empty space mediation”, this is the final chapter of the holy trinity...
If you stare long enough into the abyss, it will shun away in fear with its tail between its crooked legs...
The trademark ritual ambient mixed with epic doom black metal has never sounded so claustrophobic.
The key to the gates has been found, turned, and broken in the lock.
Delve into the universe of Urfaust and LEVITATE....



  1  Doctrine of Spirit Obsession 
  2 Behind the Veil of the Trance Sleep 
  3 A Course in Cosmic Meditation
  4 False Sensorial Impressions 
  5 Trail Of The Conscience of the Dead
  6 Eradication Through Hypnotic Suggestions