The Edge of Sanity - (88 Demo Session) / BLACK LP

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Release: 02.11.2018
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Release Date Nov 2, 2018
Genre Hardrock
Color Black
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SHELTON/CHASTAIN "The Edge of Sanity - (88 Demo Session)" - BLACK LP

Genre: Heavy Metal/Hardrock

The Metal world was shocked with the recent demise of the legendary Mark 'The Shark' Shelton best known for his work with Manilla Road. In February 2018 Mark and David T. Chastain began discussions about releasing some music they had recorded together in the late 80s. Over the following months they worked together in getting everything ready for release in late 2018. Just 2 days before Mark's passing he was sending in thoughts and comments to be included in the final product. Everyone involved knew how excited Mark was about this release and we wanted to make sure it was released exactly in the way Mark wanted. This is the story of that release.

Metal Icons Mark Shelton (Manilla Road) and David T. Chastain (Chastain) joined forces back in the late 80s to record a collection of songs that they planned to release at some point. Little did they ever envision that it would be 30 years later!! While the audio quality may not be up to today's major label studio standards the musical quality of this demo is top notch. Mixing David's music and Mark's voice resulted in what can only be described as "Classic Metal for the Ages."

Mark recently said: "David had contacted me after my band, Manilla Road, had released the 'Out of the Abyss' album with his label, Leviathan Records. He had these songs written musically but no vocal parts. He set me on the task of putting lyrics and melodies to the songs. I remember feeling very flattered and honored that he had thought of me for this endeavor."


1. The Edge Of Sanity
2. Orpheus Descending
3. Fields Of Sorrow
4. Orpheus Descending (Extended)
Total Playing Time: 42:00 min