The Eminence Of Nature - 2-CD Box

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Release: 29.11.2019
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Release Date Nov 29, 2019
Genre Symphonic Metal
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Boxset
Number 2


The 9th studio album of the symphonic metal formation Coronatus focuses once again on the theme of nature and can thus again be regarded as a concept album, although this is repeatedly no strict corset, but treats many different aspects of the theme. Musically one remains with "The Eminence Of Nature" mainly faithful to the opulent-symphonic. The orchestral passages were arranged and elaborated by Dennis Schwachhofer. All in all, the songs serve many different musical facets: The opener "No Planet B" focuses on catchiness and message, "Midsommar" is written in the style of a feel-good Irish tune, "Human Mania" is a bit psychedelic and crazy and "Set Sail To North" is held in the style of Viking-/Pirate Metal, just to name a few of the musical varieties.


CD 1:
1. No Planet B
2. Midsommar
3. S.O.P.
4. The Wilderness of the North
5. Echo of Souls
6. The Place I Love
7. Human Mania
8. Set Sail to North
9. 9000 Years Ago

CD 2:
1. No Planet B instrumental
2. Midsommar instrumental
3. S.O.P. instrumental
4. The Wilderness of the North instrumental
5. Echo of Souls instrumental
6. The Place I Love instrumental
7. Human Mania instrumental
8. Set Sail to North instrumental
9. 9000 Years Ago instrumental