The Rising Tide Of Oblivion / BLACK LP

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Release: 28.06.2019
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Release Date Jun 28, 2019
Genre Metalcore
Color Black
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Number 1


"The Rising Tide Of Oblivion" Is the debut album of the metalcore combo Neaera! Dense guitar walls, a good stick and a dash of Swedish death metal point the way to the metalcore sky. Of course, the gentlemen didn't cut back on production either.

- Re-Release

- Comes on black vinyl.


Side A

01 The World Devourers
02 Broken Spine
03 Anthem Of Despair
04 Walls Instead Of Bridges
05 Where Submission Reigns
06 From Grief
07 To Oblivion

Side B

08 Hibernating Reason
09 Definition Of Love
10 Save The Drowning Hill
11 Beyond The Gates
12 No Coming Home
13 The Last Silence