The World Ablaze / Digipak CD + DVD

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Release: 05.05.2017
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Release Date May 5, 2017
Genre Death Metal
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Jewelcase


First new album since 2010 and long awaited follow-up to Under The Sign of the iron cross.

This album marks the grand comeback for the dutch Death Metal Band.
Riffs presented in crushing perfection, catchy choruses and memorable melody hooks.

Mixed by Dan Swanö.

GOD DETHRONED comments: "'The World Ablaze' is our final album in the WWI trilogy. We aimed to create an album that is very dynamic and diverse. It contains typical GD riffing with loads of melodies and catchy hooks. The songs are perfect for our live shows as they contain many mid-tempo parts combined with faster and more brutal parts. Diversity to the max! Dan Swanö mixed the album in his typical fashion but without robbing the band of its own identity. Mastering was handled at the Wisseloord Studios where they also mastered albums for bands like Rammstein among many others, and they put the icing on the cake. The album sounds crystal clear and heavy as fuck at the same time. We are very proud to present this album during our upcoming Serpent Fest album release shows early May!"



CD1. A Call to Arms2. Annihilation Crusade3. The World Ablaze4. On the Wrong Side of the Wire5. Close to Victory6. Königsberg7. Escape Across the Ice (The White Army)8. Breathing Through Blood9. Messina Ridge10. The 11th HourDVD1. Intro: Grand Grimoire2. Villa Vampiria3. The Art Of Immolation4. Nihilism5. No Man's Land6. The Luciferian Episode / Under A Silver Moon7. Boiling Blood8. Soul Capture 15629. Storm Of Steel10. Soul Sweeper11. Intro: Faithless12. Haiting Life13. The Art Of Immolation14. Through Byzantine Hemispheres15. Nihilism16. Boiling Blood17. Swallow The Spikes18. Soul Sweeper19. No Man's Land20. Soul Capture 156221. Villa Vampiria22. Sigma Enigma23. The Grand Grimoire