Gothic Kabbalah ORANGE BLACK Marbled 2- Vinyl + Patch

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Release: 02.12.2022
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Release Date Dec 2, 2022
Genre Symphonic Metal
Color Marbled
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Gatefold
Number 2



Strictly Limited Napalm Records Mailorder Edition on Orange Black marbled 2- Vinyl in Gatefold Cover inclusive Patch limited to 300 copies.

Swedish Symphonic Metal Legends THERION reiusse iconic albums Gothic Kabbalah, Sirius B, Secrets Of The Runes and Lemuria!

Throughout their more than 30 year career, Symphonic Metal veterans THERION constantly reinvented themselves, as is evident on their legendary album, Gothic Kabbalah, now set for re-release in LP format via Napalm Records on October 28, 2022. Originally released in 2007, Gothic Kabbalah is a concept album based on the book ‘Adulrunan och den götiska kabbalan’ by Thomas Karlsson. This book tells story of Johannes Bureus, who mixed the magic, astrology and alchemy of the 17th century with runes and old Norse gods in order to create his philosophy called ‘Gothic Kabbalah’. Musically, Gothic Kabbalah differs significantly from its two predecessors Lemuria and Sirius B, as THERION offer a more progressive approach, and due to the increased use of female lead vocals, the album is wrapped in a gothic touch. The operatic elements have been slightly reduced, though they are still omnipresent. Pieces like opener "Mitternachtslöwe", the title track or "Son Of The Staves Of Time" show Christofer Johnsson's gifted songwriting talents and reveal new facts with each listen. "Chain Of Minerva" surprises with a very unusual groove, but just like "Three Treasures", it is an absolute highlight of Gothic Kabbalah.


01 Der Mitternachtslöwe
02 Gothic Kabbalah
03 The Perennial Sophia
04 Wisdom And The Cage
05 Son Of The Staves Of Time
06 Tuna 1613
07 Trul
08 Close Up The Streams
09 The Wand Of Abaris
10 Three Treasures
11 Path To Arcady
12 The Trinity
13 Chain Of Minerva
14 The Falling Stone
15 Adulruna Rediviva