Secret of the Runes ORANGE BLACK Marbled Vinyl + Patch

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Release: 02.12.2022
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Release Date Dec 2, 2022
Genre Symphonic Metal
Color Marbled
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Gatefold
Number 1



Strictly Limited Napalm Records Mailorder Edition on Orange Black marbled Vinyl in Gatefold Cover inclusive Patch limited to 300 copies.

Swedish Symphonic Metal Legends THERION reiusse iconic albums Gothic Kabbalah, Sirius B, Secrets Of The Runes and Lemuria!

More than 20 years after the release THERION’s legendary tenth album, Secrets Of The Runes, the album will be available on LP once again via Napalm Records on October 28, 2022! Secrets Of The Runes is a concept album inspired by Norse mythology, with its tracks centered around the nine worlds. Sonically, the ancient stories are wrapped in the band’s signature mix of their deep metal sound combined with bombastic classical arrangements and choir. Compared to other albums by the Swedes, the sound Secret Of The Runes is more raw and brutal, and offers a high variety of sounds. On the one hand, acoustic, quiet tones dominate like on “Ljusalfheim", while “Muspelheim”offers a splendid hard guitar explosion. At the same time, classical influences overlay it all and are complemented by Celtic and often even oriental melody lines. Secret Of The Runes is a perfect example of how THERION deftly blur the boundaries of metal and classical music!


01 Ginnungagap - The Black Hole
02 Midgård - Olo Midgård
03 Asgård - The Bifrost Bridge
04 Jotunheim - Call Of Jotunheim
05 Schwarzalbenheim - Gold Der Underwelt
06 Ljusalfheim - The Shining Ones
07 Muspelheim - Gudaskymning
08 Nifelheim - Dimmornas Värld
09 Vanaheim - Seed Of Ing
10 Helheim - Den Dimhöljda
11 Secret Of The Runes