Vegvesir - Digipak CD

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Vegvesir - Digipak CD

Art: CD
Art. Nr.: 65011
Release: 20.11.2020

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Genre: Pagan Metal, Viking Metal

Packaging: Digipak


For almost 20 years Thrudvangar are already an important part of German Viking Metal. With their sixth album Thrudvangar return to their melodic roots and recall the trademarks of Viking Metal: powerful riffs, catchy melodies and grandiose choirs take listeners on a journey to the ancient myths and legends of the Vikings.

The lyrics refer to the Nordic mythology, but also to historical events as well as sagas and legends of the Vikings. Thrudvangar play traditional Viking Metal, which is characterized by the use of elements of Black Metal and Pagan Metal.


1. Vegvisir
2. Wächter der Brücke
3. Jörmungandr
4. Ran
5. Hravnagud
6. Fenrirs Brut
7. Siegvaters Maid
8. Sturm aus Eisen
9. Für die Ewigkeit
10. Fardrengir
11. Alles was bleibt