Video Nasty - Cassette Tape

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Release: 18.06.2021
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Release Date Jun 18, 2021
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Tape limited to 100 copies.

80’s Thrash Metal in the vein of early Slayer, Sepultura and Sodom. Completely dedicated to old school horror movies!

Video Nasty is a Thrash/Death/Speed Metal project from Calgary/Vancouver, Canada started by Jordan Schritt. Jordan wanted
to start a project which lyrically dealt with all of the 70’s/80’s/90’s slasher/horror movies he adored. This together with furious Metal
was the perfect combination. He started to compose a bunch of songs and wrote lyrics to these songs that were all tied to one
specific movie per song. Once he gathered enough material to record an EP Jordan asked a few friends to participate in this
project. He also made sure that the artwork for this EP was perfect for the content. All in all this EP rages and rips as gruesomely as
all the movies the lyrics were based on. Furious 80’s Thrash Metal with lyrics comprised of all the filth that deranged moviemakers
came up with.


1. Video Nasty
2. Nightmare Beach
3. Castle Freak
4. Pieces
5. Black Christmas
6. Final Exam
7. Antichrist (Sepultura cover)