Where Death Lies - BLACK Vinyl - 2nd Pressing

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Where Death Lies - BLACK Vinyl - 2nd Pressing

Art: LP
Art. Nr.: 65993
Release: 18.09.2020

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Genre: Death Metal

Color: Black

Edition: Limited Edition

Packaging: Single Cover


Second pressing on black vinyl limited to 300 copies.

Old School Death Metal in "Swedish style" can not only be played by Swedish legends like GRAVE, ENTOMBED and co.

The band CARNATION, founded in Belgium in 2013, has made it their mission to keep the "Swedish spirit" high and present with "Where Death Lies" their second album, which will be released via Season Of Mist.

Compulsory purchase for all Death Metal fan.


1. Iron Discipline
2. Sepulcher of Alteration
3. Where Death Lies
4. Spirit Excision
5. Napalm Ascension
6. Serpent's Breath
7. Malformed Regrowth
8. Reincarnation
9. In Chasms Abysmal