Years of Aggression / BLACK LP Gatefold

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Release: 09.08.2019
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Release Date Aug 9, 2019
Genre Thrash Metal
Color Black
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 1


BLACK Vinyl in Gatefold Cover

Three years have passed since the SUICIDAL ANGELS swept across the Metal landscape with their latest Thrash hurricane. "Division Of Blood" left nothing but bone splinters and stormed uncompromisingly into the top 100 of the German album charts, just like its predecessors did. For two years, the Greek demolition command has been merciful and only ripped its concert visitors into a roaring inferno. But in 2018, the time has come for the work on the seventh studio album to take shape.

Founding member, guitarist and singer Nick Melissourgos has prepared the songs, which were subsequently recorded in the Zero Gravity Studios in Athens, Greece, and, in case of the drums, in the Soundlodge Studios in Papenburg, Germany. The album was produced by the band itself, which has for the first time in years a consistent line-up – making them stronger than ever before. Nine songs, driven by irrepressible rage, were finally mixed by Jens Bogren at the Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden, and mastered by Tony Lindgren.

The sound is crushing, differentiated and clear. The songs are as merciless, driving, angry and versatile as rarely before. SUICIDAL ANGELS shows how multi-faceted an uncompromising  Thrash Metal storm 2019 has to sound. Playful, detailed and full of energy on the one hand. Brutal, unrestrained and dark on the other. It is easy to classify the seventh studio album in terms of the discography, but trying to make a direct comparison to a former release turns out to be impossible within the first few seconds of "Years Of Aggression". SUICIDAL ANGELS are drawn from the past into the year 2019, yet bundle their trademarks of unique riffs, fantastic solos and poignant melodies into monstrous songs that merge into the long-term memory mercilessly.

This isn't surprising. SUICIDAL ANGELS, founded in 2001 by just 16-year-old Nick Melissourgos, look back on an eventful career. At an early stage they set themselves with demos and the EP "Bloodthirsty Humanity" as a high-traded insider tip in the European Thrash Metal scene. Since their second masterpiece »Sanctify The Darkness« (2009), they have become a permanent fixture of the global scene, receiving the prestigious Rock The Nation Award in the same year. Countless European tours and festival shows are the result.

They continue their brilliant triumphal procession with "Dead Again" (2010), "Bloodbath" (2012) and "Divide And Conquer" (2014). When the eagerly anticipated "Division Of Blood" comes out in 2016, proof is provided that SUICIDAL ANGELS never tire of letting their aggression run wild. They will show it again in 2019, and "Years Of Aggression" will further solidify their standing with a fresh passion and the concentrated rage of 18 years of band history. Lyrically, SUICIDAL ANGELS lovers get their money's worth and will discover, in addition to new content, some topics that were already featured on the predecessor. A look into the lyrics is worthwhile in general, because they take a look at many aspects of current world events from a personal perspective. The matching cover artwork was once again created by the legendary Ed Repka. A must-have release for every Thrash fan and beyond!


1    Endless War
2    Born of Hate
3    Years of Aggression
4    Bloody Ground
5    D.I.V.A
6    From all the One
7    Order of Death
8    The Roof of Rats
9    The Sacred dance with Chaos