Zero Days - Digipak CD

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Release: 28.07.2017
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Release Date Jul 28, 2017
Genre Crossover
Packaging Digipak


13th album by Prong.

The next step to perfection.
No fillers, all killers, guaranteed no boredom!

Starting with "However It May End" to the final chords of "Wasting of Dawn", they are taking no prisoners.
Welcome to a ride on a high-speed rollercoaster.
Massive riffing, GROOOOVE crowned by Tommy's vocals.

Produced by Tommy Victor, co-Producer Chris Collier.




1. However It May End
2. Zero Days
3. Off the Grid
4. Divide and Conquer
5. Forced Into Tolerance
6. Interbeing
7. Blood Out of Stone
8. Operation of the Moral Law
9. The Whispers
10. Self Righteous Indignation
11. Rulers of the Collective
12. Compulsive Future Projection
13. Wasting of the Dawn
14. Reasons to Be Fearful