Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution) | CD

Turilli | Lione RHAPSODY
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Release: 26.07.2019
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Band Turilli | Lione RHAPSODY
Release Date Jul 26, 2019
Genre Symphonic Metal
Packaging Jewelcase
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When it comes down to genre-defining albums, there is no denying that it is often an iconic duo weaving its inexplicable and extraordinary magic. And when it comes to symphonic metal, there is no way around the creative chemistry of Luca Turilli and Fabio Lione. Whenever and wherever guitarist, keyboardist and composer Turilli and vocalist Lione have been working together, the result has been something extraordinary. Something both metal and rock lovers around the globe loved, cherished and remembered forever.

Now, after eight long years, the two brothers in arms are finally back together again. Not to warm up old stories, mind you. But to start an exciting new chapter on their journey that will take the trademark sound of their old bands, not only to another level, but to an altogether different universe. Turilli/Lione RHAPSODY is a dream come true for every fan of cinematic, bombastic, epic symphonic metal. No, it is much more than that, although even that would have been enough by far to please their fans. This band is a redefinition of their Italian trademark sound and a modern interpretation of their old virtues and roots. And while a lot of bands claim to do that, Turilli/Lione RHAPSODY actually deliver. It’s a fact: symphonic metal never sounded so fresh, so original, so dramatic and so weightless as it does on »Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Evolution)«, proof not only of their unparalleled talent but also of their untiring mission of reinventing themselves, of pushing forward, of reviving a genre that has been stagnating at best.

From the archetypical grandeur of the opening colossus 'Phoenix Rising' to the utterly operatic 'Arcanum (Da Vinci’s Enigma)', celebrating the world’s great universal genius with Italian lyrics and a nod to Giuseppe Verdi, Turilli/Lione RHAPSODY really go the extra mile in creating the ultimate fan listening experience. With guest appearances by Elize Ryd (AMARANTHE), Mark Basile (DGM), Sascha Paeth (AVANTASIA) and Arne Wiegand (SANTIANO) and a modern, yet spellbindingly graceful artwork by graphics wizard Heilemania (LINDEMANN, EPICA, KREATOR), Turilli/Lione RHAPSODY are ready for the next step. And with touring plans for the better part of next year already in full swing, it is no big wonder that it will be the biggest of them all - a step from rebirth to evolution with only the sky as the limit.


01. Phoenix Rising
02. D.N.A. (Demon And Angel)
03. Zero Gravity
04. Fast Radio Burst
05. Decoding The Multiverse
06. Origins
07. Multidimensional
08. Amata Immortale
09. I Am
10. Arcanum (Da Vinci’s Enigma)


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