In Sorte Diaboli / CD

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Release: 27.04.2007
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VÖ Datum 27.04.2007
Genre Black Metal
Verpackung Jewelcase


In Sorte Diaboli (Latin for "In league with the devil") is the eighth studio album by Norwegian symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir.
It is the band's first concept album. This would be the last album by Dimmu Borgir to feature ICS Vortex, Hellhammer and Mustis.

Combining all DIMMU BORGIR trademarks such as brutal highspeed parts, catchy hooks, ethereal melodies and complex song arrangements, “In Sorte Diaboli” certainly was worth the wait! Recorded in the famous Fredman Studios, this album will certainly see the band grow larger than life and definitely larger than Black Metal itself: The Dark Ages are back!


1 - The serpentine offering 5:09

2 - The chosen legacy 4:16

3 - The conspiracy unfolds 5:24

4 - The sacrilegious scorn 3:58

5 - The fallen arises 2:59

6 - The sinister awakening 5:09

7 - The fundamental alienation 5:17

8 - The unvaluable darkness 4:44

9 - The foreshadowing furnace 5:49

10 - Dimmu Borgir (Media player)