Lifespan Of A Moth / BLACK Vinyl

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Release: 15.07.2016
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Band 16
VÖ Datum 15.07.2016
Genre Sludge Metal
Farbe Schwarz
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Southern California's veteran sludge-rock trailblazers -(16)- return with their 7th full-length album Lifespan of A Moth, the band's heaviest, darkest, and most complex material to date! Self-produced by the band and recorded with Jeff Forrest (Cattle Decapitation, The Locust) at Doubletime Recording Studio in San Diego, CA, Lifespan of A Moth sees the band sounding uglier, rawer and more visceral than ever. Down-tuned feedback-driven riffs and bludgeoning rhythms violently clash with vocalist Chris Jerue's distorted, tortured howls across eight tracks of -(16)-'s signature blend of hardcore punk, thrash and sludge. Lifespan of A Moth is the sound of a band that has spent over 25 years wallowing in addiction and anguish, and will leave you feeling crushed and confronted by the negativity of existence.



1 Landloper 5:03

2 Peaches, Cream and the Placenta 5:58

3 The Morphinist 5:15

4 The Absolute Center of a Pitch Black Heart 3:25

5 Gallows Humor 7:36

6 Secrets of the Curmudgeon 4:22

7 Pastor in a Coma 5:39

8 George 7:02