Relentless / PICTURE LP Re-Release

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Genre Doom Metal
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Relentless / Limited PICTURE LP Re-Release

Relentless is the debut album from Pentagram. It was self-released in 1985 as Pentagram, but was reissued by Peaceville Records in 1993 with the new title and track listing.
The album is now commonly known as Relentless. The album was originally recorded and released in 1982 on the All Your Sins demo tape, as Death Row. The band decided to re-record some vocals and guitar parts in 1984 and created a complete new mix for their self-released debut album.


1. Death Row
2. All Your Sins
3. Sign of the Wolf (Pentagram)
4. The Ghoul
5. Relentless
6. Run My Course
7. Sinister
8. The Deist
9. You're Lost I'm Free
10. Dying World
11. 20 Buck Spin