Savage Amusement / BLACK Vinyl + CD

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Release: 06.11.2015
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VÖ Datum 06.11.2015
Genre Hardrock
Farbe Schwarz
Verpackung tba


Original Replica Version in 180g Vinyl incl. the CD in papersleeve including Bonus Tracks.


1.Don't Top At The Top
2.Rhythm Of Love
3.Passion Rules The Game
4.Media Overkill
5.Walking On The Edge
6.We Let It Rock.. You Let It Roll
7.Every Minute Every Day
8.Love On The Run
9.Believe In Love
10.Taste Of Love (Unreleased DemoSong) (CD only Bonus Track)
11.Edge Of Time (Unreleased Demo Vers.) (CD only Bonus Track)
12.Don't Wait Too Long (Unreleased Demo Song) (CD only Bonus Track)
13.Fast And Furious (Unreleased Demo) (CD only Bonus Track)
14.Dancing In The Moonlight(Unreleased Demo Vers.) (CD only Bonus Track)
15.Living For Tomorrow (Unreleased Demo Song) (CD only Bonus Track)
16.I Can't Explain (CD only Bonus Track)