Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven - WEISS SCHWARZ MARMORIERTES Vinyl

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Release: 07.10.2022
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VÖ Datum 07.10.2022
Genre Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Edition Limited Edition
Verpackung Gatefold Cover
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WEISS SCHWARZ MARMORIERTES Vinyl limitiert auf 300 Stück! Rampaging into their 25th year as purveyors of the most ruthless extreme metal, Goatwhore return with perhaps the strongest album of their storied career. Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven is 47 minutes of their trademark blend of death, black, thrash and sludge metal delivered with breathless intensity and an unrepentant bloodlust, making for one of the most thrilling records to come out of 2022.


Side A
01 Invocation 3
02 Born of Satan's Flesh
03 The Bestowal Of Abomination
04 Angels Hung From the Arches Of Heaven
05 Death From Above
06 Ruinous Liturgy

Side B
07 Victory Is The Lightning Of Destruction
08 Voracious Blood Fixation
09 The Devil's Warlords
10 Weight Of A Soulless Heart
11 Nihil
12 And I Was Delivered From The Wound Of Perdition