Built To Last / Mediabook CD + DVD

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Built To Last / Mediabook CD + DVD

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Release: 04.11.2016

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Genre: Power Metal

Verpackung: Mediabook


Limited Mediabook including "Live At Masters Of Rock 2015" DVD

In times when finest steel was no longer considered the crowning of our beloved genre, HammerFall came to the rescue and blew everyone away with melodic finesse and sincerity: longplayers such as Glory to the brave (1997) and Renegade (2000) quickly established the Swedes as pioneers of a modern version of classic 80s metal – and they sure haven`t slowed down any since! Built to last – the tenth album in a career spanning nearly twenty years – definitely boasts a programmatic title and brilliantly displays the strengths of the band. Highly melodic and swift anthems, aggressive lead guitars, choruses you`d kill your mother for and Joacim Cans` inimitable, steel-melting voice (recorded once more with James Michael / SIXX AM in L.A.) turn this oeuvre into one of the most consistent, exciting and passionate HammerFall ever recorded!


1. Bring It!
2. Hammer High
3. The Sacred Vow
4. Dethrone And Defy
5. Twilight Princess
6. Stormbreaker
7. Built To Last
8. The Star Of Home
9. New Breeed
10. Second To None

1. Hector's Hymn
2. Any Means Necessary
3. Renegade
4. B.Y.H.
5. Blood Bound
6. Let The Hammer Fall
7. Live Life Loud
8. Guitar Solo: Pontus Norgren
9. Medley*
10. Threshold
11. Last Man Standing
12. HammerFall
13. Bushido
14. Hearts On Fire

Hero's Return
The Dragon Lies Bleeding
Riders Of The Storm
Fury Of The Wild